Why You Must Own A Toilet Night Light

Toilet night lights are the new craze, especially the motion-activated LED ones.

Need a night light for the toilet? You get up in the night for a tinkle. You have to turn the light on and then BOOM!…you’re awake and it’s so hard to get back to sleep!

Super annoying, right!?

Night Light in Toilet with bright, colorful lighting examples.
Fancy a toilet night light like this? If not, there are options.

Or maybe you have kids and need something to help them see in the night when they go to the bathroom to avoid any accidents.

Recently there has been a lot of hype around the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light but reviews are a little hit and miss. So what other options are out there? What about options that fit your smart home?

I didn’t imagine I’d ever be writing about a product like a ‘night light for toilets’ (or bathroom) but, it’s actually quite fascinating and incredibly useful.

Our quest to find a night light for our own bathroom led us on this journey. A toilet night light is one of those products that makes so much sense when you have the revelation; You walk into the toilet and a soft light greets you, no need for a bright overhead light to be awoken by. Perfect!

These things don’t really get smart, but you can have a smart toilet night light option which I’ll include as #4 below.

So, here are our choice options if you are looking for a night light for your toilet. We’ll look at the bright, the colourful, the smart, the clean and the cheap options.


Benefits of a Smart Home Toilet Night Light

  • Control of colour (up to 16 million colour options)
  • Control of brightness
  • You can be smarter and include restrictions like, only do this between these hours.
  • Change how long you have the light stay on for after it’s triggered
  • Can have the motion sensor in a different place to the light. e.g. Have the sensor at the door to the bathroom so when you go into the bathroom it’s already lit up. Might even help you find the door.

A negative to this is that it’s a really expensive option compared to a cheap PIR motion detection toilet light that would last a year.