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This Compact Pill Organiser is perfect for anyone who is looking to be healthy and fit, Its tower design allows you to separate out the days. Each individual pod has 4 separate compartments which allows you to organise your pills by the morning, afternoon, evening and bed time.

Take the guesswork out of taking medication! Remember when to take your meds easily and conveniently. You’ll never miss that pill again!

The Perfect Pill Organizer has seven portable trays, each with four labeled compartments to coordinate pills and vitamins by time of day. Never miss a dosage – every pill has its place for the entire week.

Handily declutter your counter with the Perfect Pill Organizer.It is the size of a coffee mug and storage won’t be a bother. Place it in your kitchen or on your bathroom counter for easier access.

Easily slide out the tray you need for the day and the next day's tray automatically drops into place. Once you’re done with the tray, fill it back up with your pills and vitamins, remove the cover and drop in back in. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!