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No more messy microwaves to clean with the microwave guard. The microwave allow you to not worry about cleaning the microwave afterwards. And thanks to his 4 magnets on the top of the guard you can easily lift it up and stick it to the top of your microwave. Gone are the days of having to clean your microwave!


  • MAGNETIC POWER: Offer 4 strong safe magnets to stick it on the top interior of the microwave when finished instead of just putting the microwave cover right on top of the bowl/dish when it is full.
  • AVOID SPLATTERING: Keep the microwave oven clean and prevent the food from splattering when heating or bugs or dust from getting close to the dish.
  • STEAM RELEASE: Lid with steam vents holes on top to allow steam pressure to escape safely and the finger holes make it easy to pick up when hot.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: 11 inches big enough to cover the dinner plates and most of the dish containers
  • BPA FREE PLASTIC: The safest plastic that does not evaporate into your food when it gets hot